Our Mission

The values we hold to help you feel your best.

Our Mission

The values we hold to help you feel your best.

Both Dr.’s Jay and Michelle strongly believe that your body has an inherent capability to recover and achieve your highest state of wellness when the root causes of your concerns are determined, obstacles to healing are removed, and a strong foundation of dietary and lifestyle habits are developed to help repair, strengthen and support your body to achieve its greatest potential.

Each person is unique and deserves individualized, personalized, and targeted support.


Dr. Jay takes the time to uncover the true causes of your wellness issues, build a plan of action to remove those interferences and then repair, strengthen and support with NATURAL medicines, therapies, nutritional supplements, and food.
In addition, Michelle helps you get to the root of any lifestyle habits and mindset issues that may be preventing you from feeling your best and provides you with effective strategies to achieve your best success. She also helps you figure out exactly how to implement Dr. Jay’s action plans step-by-step in a way that works best for you and your needs.

Our mission is to help you experience your best life during peri and post-menopause, with easier weight loss, better mood, improved sex drive, more energy, and more.


Our unique combination dietary & lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplementation, and personalized life coaching and support will help you every step of the way to not only feel like yourself again but to


Look and feel better than you ever have,

Both Inside and Out.

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