Ever wonder why some people seem to have stronger-than-steel willpower over their appetite, but you feel like your food cravings are controlling your life? Then read every word on this page…

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I need a little pick-me-up in the afternoon or I won’t get through my day”
“I get so tired I can’t concentrate; I’m in a constant state of fog”
“The evenings are the worst! The second I sit down to relax for the night, I can’t stop eating”
“I want to lose weight, but I can’t stop eating the foods I’m not supposed to”

Or, maybe something like this:

“If I could just cut my calories, I’d be fine”
“If I just had more willpower, but it’s so hard!”


We hear this from our patients and clients all the time…

We’re here to tell you, it’s not your fault.

You see, hunger and metabolic hormones are powerful chemicals that tell your brain you’re hungry. Certain food comibnations, food choices, and lifestyle habits can affect these numerous hormones, impacting your level of craving and desire, especially for certain types of foods.

Simply cutting calories and just using willpower to avoid those trigger foods aren’t going to help improve cravings.

Willpower can only go so far.

Hormones are much more powerful, and they will always win.

What you need are effective techniques that are proven to regulate and balance those hunger hormones, so that you feel satisfied and satiated without eating more than your body needs to function at its best.

Imagine the freedom of getting through the day craving-free. It’s not only possible, it’s easily achievable.


A starter’s guide

Conquer Food Cravings:

Effective Ways to Control Your Hunger Hormones

So you can feel satisfied without overeating, and feel in control of your appetite

Over $97 worth of information, tips, recipes, and videos

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Learn how the order in which you eat affects your hormones, and which one is best
Understand which food choices will leave you feeling satisfied, and which will leave you hungry for more
Find out what lifestyle habits will get your metabolic hormones working at their best
Learn the key eating methods and strategies that will keep hunger hormones balanced
Get a better understanding of which approaches will get your hunger hormones under control with the handy Strategy Checklist


What’s included:

A comprehensive list of effective techniques you can start right away to get your hunger hormones under control
A strategy checklist to help you implement these techniques quickly and easily


Bonus material:

Control Your Cravings ebook ($17 value) filled with helpful descriptions and explanations about the most important hunger hormones, what they are, what affects them, and even more strategies and solutions you can try to conquer food cravings once and for all
Helpful recipe booklets ($20 value) to help you easily & deliciously implement the suggestions
Guided recordings ($27 value) that will explain exactly how to start some of the strategies with simple yet effective exercises


Imagine going through the day:

Feeling satisfied until your next meal
No longer getting the hangries
Not having to carry emergency snacks just in case
Enjoying your evening without the munchies
Having more energy, vitality, and mental clarity
Feeling better overall
Completely craving-free​


Why have your food cravings control you for one minute longer?

Over $97 worth of information, tips, recipes, and videos

For only


What Smart People Ask:

What makes this product different?
Great question! With Conquer Your Food Cravings, you’re learning biochemically proven approaches that affect how your hunger hormones are produced and managed. This isn’t about learning how to change or boost your willpower, this is about how to change and work with your biochemistry.

Dr. Jay and Michelle have used these techniques with patients and clients to help them successfully conquer their food cravings, and now they want to share this vital information with you.

But I've tried other things and they didn't work
First off, pat yourself on the back for working on yourself and looking for solutions. So many people do nothing, but you’re out there trying to solve your problem. Good on you!

This mini-program focuses on what’s at the heart of the matter: your hormones and your biochemistry. No matter how much you try to cut calories, deprive yourself, and try to force yourself to control your hunger, if the foundations aren’t in place for balanced hunger and metabolic hormones, you’re not going to find the success you want. It’s these details that most programs miss. So even if you’ve tried other things, chances are you haven’t tried all the suggestions listed here. When our patients and clients do these things, they get major control over their cravings and hunger. We’ve seen it time and time again.

How do I get this product?
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Once your payment is complete, you’ll receive a PDF welcome letter to download with instructions (which will also be emailed to you), which gives you the webpage link and special access password.

All of your guides, checklists, recipes, recordings, and more will be on a special password-protected page. You can view all the material there, and download any books and resources.

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Do you have a refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds for this product at this time. However, we are absolutely certain that if you implement the suggestions and try the exercises outlined in this product, you will experience beneficial results, including more control over food cravings, more satisfaction with your food choices, improved energy, and more.

Who We Are:

Dr. Jay Wrigley, NMD

Dr. Jay is a Functional Medicine Doctor and Naturopathic Physician with over 24 years of experience in successfully helping others remedy health conditions that were unsuccessfully treated by drugs, surgery, or other treatments.

He has a passion for helping busy people overcome health issues that are getting in the way of performing at the level they desire in their careers, family life, social life, and recreational activities. He has a special interest in working with hormonal concerns associated with peri- and post-menopause.

By using the best-personalized diet, natural medicines, and pharmaceutical Grade nutritional supplements along with fitness and lifestyle advice, Dr. Jay ensures you win at every level. 

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

Michelle is a wellness strategist and dietary coach with an educational background as a Naturopathic Doctor and has a Master of Science in Nutritional Science.

She enjoys working with women in their 30s to 60s who’ve been struggling with chronic illness and mystery symptoms like digestive troubles, fatigue, pain, and unwanted weight gain. When they understand why and how to make adjustments that will help reduce inflammation and balance hormones, their physical and mental symptoms improve significantly.

Her mission is to provide information, guidance, and inspiration to make simple changes because when you eat better and live better, you can FEEL BETTER.

A starter’s guide

Conquer Food Cravings:

Effective Ways to Control Your Hunger Hormones

So you can feel satisfied without overeating, and feel in control of your appetite


What You Get:

Effective techniques PDF guide and
Accompanying fillable strategy checklist


Plus Bonus Material:

Control Your Cravings e-book ($17) value)
Helpful & tasty recipe booklets ($20 value)
Guided exercise recordings ($27 value)

Don’t wait…get started on conquering your cravings today.

Over $97 worth of information, tips, recipes, and videos

For only