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704-302-1524 info@drwrigley.com

Dr. Jay Wrigley

Leading Functional Medicine Practitioner in Charlotte, NC

I have 24 years experience in successfully helping others remedy  health conditions that were either unsuccessfully treated by drugs, surgery or other modalities or complicated by their administration. I am results oriented, use only safe and natural medicines,  committed to “Primum non nocere” ( First do no harm ) and I would like to help YOU. I am a Functional medicine doctor and Naturopathic physician and I am passionate. Passionate about life, food, travel and adventure, laughter and music. But my biggest passion in using my particular skills, education, experience and sometimes just plain intuition to the health and happiness of those I work WITH.

Women dealing with Hormonal issues, Thyroid problems, Weight-Loss, Peri and Post Menopause and want a support group, check us out on Facebook at Women’s Hormone and Weight-Loss Doctor

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Give your body the opportunity to heal!

The practice of Functional medicine is the practice of uncovering the true causes of disease and dysfunction and then building a plan of action to remove those interferences and then repair, strengthen and support with NATURAL medicines, therapies, nutritonal supplements and food.

Women’s Hormone & Weight-loss Doctor

Restore Your Health Naturally

For nearly two and half decades I have worked with and witnessed the dynamic restorative effects of proper diet, the right nutritional supplements, Organic herbal medicines and natural Bio-Identical hormones on both the physical body and emotional well-being. Your answer is to identify and correct imbalances, deficiencies, and Inflammation that are preventing you from the optimal version of yourself!


Dr. Wrigley is awesome! He is thorough, a pleasure to work with, and is right on target with his diagnostics. He’s helped me and my husband get on track with our health with the right supplements and regimes.


Dr. Wrigley is extremely knowledgeable, personable and available to you above and beyond what is the norm. I’ve started the Keto diet under Dr. Wrigley’s supervision and have lost 6lbs in 6 days. Also, the supplements he uses are simply the best!”


Dr. Wrigley is absolutely wonderful! He takes the time to talk to his clients, addressing and treat the root of your health problems. I have more energy than I’ve ever had, and I’ve never felt better!


I have never felt better after embarking on a keto lifestyle. Not only did I lose weight, it was the easiest thing ever to stick with and i felt so much better and more alert. Give him a shout for your weight loss and hormonal needs. You won’t be sorry!


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